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Hampton Tedder Technical Services (HTTS) was founded in 1972 by Hampton Tedder and has been family owned ever since.  Hampton's son, Matt Tedder, Sr, now runs the company. He is a NETA Level 3 and has decades of hands-on field experience.  Matt's second oldest son, Chasen Tedder, is a P.E., NETA Level 4 and test technician for the company. 


We have grown to a workforce of over 50 employees across California, Nevada and Arizona. HTTS is a Union (IBEW) Independent Electrical Testing and Engineering Company. We are fully qualified to perform all phases of maintenance and testing.

Matt Tedder and Chasen Tedder


We specialize in NETA Certified Field Testing, emergency repair, engineering studies, maintenance and troubleshooting of:

Power Plants



Solar Plants

Data Centers



Electrical Distribution Centers

Hampton Tedder Technical Technicians


Experienced & Knowledgeable

Our NETA Certified Test Technicians have passed the NETA Certified Test Technician Examination and qualifications criteria.  They have been engaged on a full time basis: testing, inspections, and maintenance of electrical power systems for more than 10 years. Each of our technicians have a minimum of 6,000 hours of electrical hands on testing and maintenance experience. Many of our NETA Certified Technicians are Electrical Engineers, and many of our Testing Engineers are retired utility testmen with 30+ years experience.

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