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60+ Years Of Low & High Voltage Expertise


We are a certified NETA company and offer acceptance and maintenance testing for low, medium and high voltage (480 V - 500 kV) electrical systems, for both overhead and underground equipment.​ We have experts in cable testing and fault testing for underground and underwater systems. We also offer testing for switchgears and switchboards, power transformers, ground-fault protection systems, ground resistance, low & high voltage breakers, protective relays, direct current (battery) systems, insulation oils, and co-generation acceptance.

Hampton Tedder Techincal Services crew cleaning and maintaining electrical equipment
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"Electrical equipment deterioration is normal, and equipment failure is inevitable. However, equipment failure can be delayed through appropriate Electrical Preventative Maintenance Programs" - National Fire Protection Agency Standard 70B.

Hampton Tedder has been a trusted maintenance provider for over 60 years.  We are experts in maintaining electrical power equipment to not only meet, but exceed it's expected lifespan. The typical maintenance schedule for the average system is 3 years, but depending on the critical nature of your system, you may need it more frequently.

Hampton Tedder Technical Services crew on site working
Hampton Tedder Technical Services crew testing electrical equipment

Online Services

We offer an array of online services to monitor and verify your electrical system is operating acceptably. The online services we offer include Partial Discharge (PD) testing, infrared scanning (thermography), load recording, power quality analysis, insulating oil analysis (DGA), EMF surveys, corona surveys, and detailed visual inspection by qualified experts.

Partial Discharge testing image

Studies & Analysis

From the early days of hand-written calculations to today's latest software innovations, we have performed thousands of studies and analysis spanning 6 decades. Our areas of expertise include power consumption surveys, power quality analysis, protection coordination studies, arc-flash & short circuit analysis.

Additional Services

Electrical Systems Modifications

Switchgear and busbar extensions, temporary substations and replacements

Partial Discharge

Spot surveys and continuous monitoring of high voltage insulation

Start-Up Services

Newly installed or recently retrofitted switchgear, motor control centers, generation & much more

Protective Relays

Electromechanical, solid-state and micro processor calibration, setting, testing, troubleshooting, and event analysis

Motor Starter Controls

Commissioning, testing and troubleshooting of new or existing motor controls

Infrared Scanning

Low and high voltage spot surveys of connections and equipment

Cable Fault Locating

All equipment necessary to detect, find and locate cable faults

Circuit Breakers Retrofit

Replacing air or SF6 breakers, contactors, or switches to vacuum types

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