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Hampton Tedder Technical Services

Experts in low, medium and high voltage maintenance and testing.

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Every job starts with safety.  Safety runs deep in our culture, whether you are out on a job or working on a report in the office. We have excellent EMR scores and many of our staff are certified by OSHA. 


Our team has decades of field experience. We are highly trained to do offline and online testing on sites like refineries, solar, hospitals, and more!

Learn More About Our Services

Hampton Tedder Technical Services specializes in the testing and maintenance of low and high voltage electrical systems for industrial, commercial, government and utility customers. We are a NETA accredited company and Hampton Tedder performs third party, independent NETA acceptance and maintenance testing of power systems. If you need high voltage, medium voltage, or even 480V service, maintenance, or testing in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Phoenix, or Las Vegas area, we have technicians available to meet your immediate 24/7 needs. Whether you need quality testing, acceptance testing, commissioning, maintenance, or emergency services, Hampton Tedder Technical Services will be there for you.

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